Homeless Services

Programs and responses are available for the homeless population of Madison County.  These are intended to provide assistance to people who are transient and are in need of emergency or temporary shelter until they can find another housing solution.  Potential clients that are homeless must contact CAODMU’s Madison County office to schedule an appointment and determine eligibility, and must provide a photo ID and proof of income.

Family Development Specialists may help clients negotiate their current living arrangements to lengthen their stay until their own home can be established.  Funding is available to help families with some move-in costs and the client will need to have income at the time of move-in to show sustainability.  Income eligibility is below 30% of the area median income.

Eligible clients will be placed in CAODMU’s private shelter or other local accommodations based on client needs.  Eligible clients will also receive one-on-one advocacy with a CAODMU housing specialist to help plan for a permanent solution to ending their homelessness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact CAODMU’s Madison County office at 255 West High Street, London, OH, or by clicking here.