Family Development


Family Development restores a sense of self-reliance and community to individuals and families when they have lost faith in their abilities to provide for themselves.  It can help individuals and families see their strengths, capabilities, and restore their confidence by working together to reach goals.

What is a Family Development Specialist?

Individuals and families enrolled in the Family Development Program can expect the following with a Family Development Specialist:

  • Advocacy—help cutting through red tape for the assistance that you need.
  • Support—immediate access to one-on-one, personalized support.
  • Referral—keeping you updated on resources and programs available to you to help you meet your goals.
  • Assessments—ongoing evaluation of you and/or your family’s strengths and needs.
  • Goal Setting—helping you write, review, and achieve goals that you will set to serve your needs.
  • Budgeting—assistance in devising a workable monthly budget to help meet your costs and needs.

What Will Family Development Staff Expect of Participants?

  • Keeping appointments that are scheduled.
  • Honesty.
  • Following through with your commitments and work.
  • Keeping in regular contact

Forming Your Goals in Family Development
Goals that are Important to You:

Goals are well-formed when they belong to you and are expressed in the way you speak.

The Goals are Small:

Smaller goals are easier to reach than larger goals.  For example, a goal of “fill out one job application per day” is easier to reach than “get a job.”

Goals are Concrete, Specific, and Active:

This will help you and your Family Development Specialist know when you are making progress.  For example, “going out to lunch with a friend twice a week” is better than “get more involved with others.”

Goals Seek Presence Rather than Absence:

It’s easier to reach your goals when you express them as the presence of something rather than not having something.  For example, “taking walks every day” is better than “feel less tired at the end of the day”.

Goals Have Beginnings Instead of Endings:

Family Development Specialists know that reaching your goals is an ongoing process, and will help you by encouraging you to think of your goals as the first steps towards your desired results.  For example, “ask my husband to talk about our child’s performance in school” is better than “have a happy family.”

Goals Involve Hard Work:

Your Family Development Specialist will encourage you to think about your goals in a way that is useful for real life.  True goals call for change in a person’s life—but change can be difficult.  This way, if you achieve your goal, it is worth celebrating, and if not, it only means that more hard work needs to be done.

How To Enroll

For more information on the Family Development program, please call your local CAODMU office to schedule an appointment with a specialist.