Success Stories

“A client came to Community Action due to a friend informing her about our organization. She told me that she had called and set the appointment, but had no clue how we could help her. She proceeded to tell me that the money she and her husband received from Social Security was not covering the current expenses that she had in her home.  We were able to complete her HEAP and summer crisis application, and she was able to get her current electric bill paid in full. As we were completing the application, she stated that she never thought these programs existed and had been stressed due to the current situation in her home. Her husband had been ill and they had to pay for regular visits to the doctor. She also said that her son had been in prison and could not find a job. I mentioned our Family Development program to assist him in his job search. She started crying and mentioned that her son had substance abuse and anger management difficulties, that she had enrolled him in a counseling program in Columbus, and that the price of gas had made it very hard to get by. I found out that the client’s son had a Medicaid card, so I told her about relevant funds through RTC Transportation in the county.

As the conversation continued, she said she did not know how she was going to pay her water bill for the month. I informed her about the CARE program to assist with her water bill for the month. At that point she said, ‘I am going to have to kiss my friend! I have not been able to focus due to all the things going on. I feel like I am just going from one disaster to the other.’ We discussed some of the difficulties she was having and gave her the information for Consolidated Care. I told her that sometimes it just helps to have someone to listen to you. During her appointment, I had the opportunity to assist her with her utilities and provide her with information to assist her and her family with urgent needs that could be provided by other community organizations. ”

– Shelley, Logan County Manager

“I had a homeless woman on a fixed income come to me at the end of October, she was living in her van. I enrolled her in family development that day, and started working with her for finding some affordable housing in Sidney, since she was not willing to leave Shelby County.

I found her an affordable apartment, helped her with her deposit to get the keys to the apartment, and enrolled her in PIPP so she could get the electric turned on in her name, and as of last Friday she is moved in!”

-Kendra, Shelby County Family Development Specialist